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Werner Penner

Werner Penner, immigration assistant in Paraguay

I am Werner Penner and I have been helping foreigners to immigrate to Paraguay for 35 years. In my time as an immigration assistant, I have already helped over 3,000 people to obtain the Migraciones and the Cedula (identity card and residence permit).

Thanks to my many years of experience and my networks within the Paraguayan authorities, my migration services are among the leading ones in Paraguay.

I look after my customers reliably and transparently. My team and I always endeavor to process your order as quickly and stress-free as possible. The majority of my clients stay at my hotel in Villa Morra, one of the safest and best neighborhoods in Asunción. You can find out more about me, my services and my team on this website.

Muchos saludos

Werner Penner

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Why emigrate to Paraguay?

Are you concerned about political and social developments in your home country? Would you like to live in peace, in a country that imposes few rules on you and at the same time has the lowest possible tax rate? Then Paraguay is exactly the right choice! Immigration conditions and obtaining a permanent residence permit (actually the Migraciones, but colloquially also called a visa) are relatively simple in Paraguay and very favorable compared to many other countries. Of course, the effects of the (looming) economic crisis are also being felt in Paraguay. But inflation here is nowhere near as high as in Europe or other Western countries.

What are the advantages of Paraguay?

  • More freedom and less state regulation
  • Low tax rate (10%)
  • Lower cost of living than in many Western countries
  • Relatively low costs for obtaining a visa in Paraguay
  • High interest rates for longer-term investments in Paraguayan accounts (up to 16% over 6 years)
  • Friendly and accommodating locals
  • Like-minded Europeans who have all emigrated for the same reasons
  • A return to nature is possible (but not mandatory)
  • Real estate and land in Paraguay is cheaper than in many western countries
  • The Spanish language is comparatively easy to learn

Our services

Our services in Paraguay

Immigration documents

Effortlessly apply for your immigration documents in Paraguay with our Cedula & Migraciones service.

Paraguayan passport

Obtain the Paraguayan passport (as a first or second passport). Fast, reliable and stress-free.

Container service

Use our container service for smooth emigration to Paraguay. Safe and cost-effective solution for your move.

Hotel in Asunción

Stay overnight in our hotel in Asuncion so that we can be in direct contact with each other and apply for your papers quickly.

Company formation

Benefit from the low taxes in Paraguay. We can help you set up your company.

Bank account opening

We can help you open a bank account in Paraguay so that you can secure your savings.

Driver's license application

We support you in applying for your driver’s license. Fast, reliable and stress-free.

Fishing trips

Enjoy fishing trips with us. Experience unforgettable moments on the picturesque waters of Paraguay.

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Werner Penner

Managing Director


Monica Penner

Immigration assistant


Alex Cattebeke

Immigration assistant

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Mónica and Jorge Cherro

It was 3 days of paperwork where everything was very well organized. Werner with his secretary Alex and his daughter Monika, looked after us the whole time and we felt very comfortable with this service.

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Hergen and Vera Mehrtens

We were always accompanied to all the authorities, and we also received support when we bought our car. We have known Werner Penner for over a year and can always turn to him with questions and problems.

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Frequently asked questions and topics

If you read forum posts and various websites about Paraguay, you quickly get the impression that it is a country teeming with criminal Paraguayans and German rip-off artists and scammers. It is claimed that corruption is widespread, many criminals are on the move and there is a constant risk of contracting dengue fever. But is that really the case?

Emigrating to Paraguay – just an insider tip for pensioners?

Wrong! Self-sufficient people and those who want to live a self-determined life are also drawn to Paraguay. German-speaking immigrants currently make up 5 to 7 percent of the population, including registered Germans and around 200,000 Mennonites of German descent. The ease with which you can immigrate to Paraguay is particularly attractive for Germans, Austrians and Swiss.

Since 2015 and the increasing destabilization of Europe as well as global economic uncertainty, the need for security and peace of mind has been a decisive factor for many people looking to emigrate. Paraguay offers a relaxed way of life and a sense of security, making it one of the most popular countries for immigration alongside the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Further reasons for emigrating to Paraguay

The relaxed building regulations and favorable prices for land and house construction are attractive. A hectare of land outside the big cities costs around €5,000, while a house can be built from around €40,000. Despite a less developed infrastructure in large cities such as Asunción, there are large shopping centers, international banks, fast internet, mobile phone networks, hospitals, German schools and even universities.

There is less regulation and paternalism from the state than in Europe, even if this can sometimes mean confrontations with the police, who are known for bribery. For retirees from industrialized countries, Paraguay offers a low cost of living and a warm climate, making it an attractive place to spend your retirement.

Experience of emigrating to Paraguay

A culture shock on arrival in Paraguay is common. Despite the broken roads and high temperatures between September and February, the people here are open, friendly and helpful. Initial concerns about crime and poverty often turn out to be exaggerated.

Where should I settle in Paraguay?

There are three options: in the capital or a larger city such as Ciudad del Este, near a city but outside or in the countryside. One compromise is to live a few kilometers outside a large city in order to have a better infrastructure and medical care and to be able to shop more conveniently.